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Audio Recordings and Transcripts

Click on an Aramaic dialect below to access available audio recordings and transcripts:

Dialects Community Location
AlqoshChristianNW Iraq
AmediaJewishNW Iraq
AnkawaChristianNE Iraq
AradhinChristianNW Iraq
AshithaChristianSE Turkey
BaṭnayaChristianNW Iraq
BarwarChristianNW Iraq
Bāz (Ma Xtaya)ChristianSE Turkey
BebedeChristianNW Iraq
BijarJewishW Iran
BillinChristianSE Turkey
Bne-LagippaChristianSE Turkey
BohtanChristianSE Turkey
DarbandChristianNW Iran
DerabunChristianNW Iraq
DereChristianNW Iraq
Diyana-ZariwawChristianNE Iraq
GargarnayeChristianSE Turkey
HalanaChristianSE Turkey
HamziyeChristianNW Iraq
KarəmleshChristianNW Iraq
Koy SanjaqJewishNE Iraq
MargaChristianNW Iraq
Nargəzine-Xarjawa (nr. Aqra)ChristianNW Iraq
PeshaburChristianNW Iraq
QarawillaChristianNW Iraq
SanandajJewishW Iran
SharanishChristianNW Iraq
Shōsh-u-Sharmən (nr. Aqra)ChristianNW Iraq
TelkepeChristianNW Iraq
TikabJewishW Iran
TisqopaChristianNW Iraq
Umra d-ShishChristianNW Iraq
UrmiChristianNW Iran
ZakhoJewishNW Iraq
ZawithaChristianSE Turkey
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